Sunday, April 6, 2014

Sorry About the Dictionary

--->Crappy Desktop Wallpapers: Sorry About the Dictionary

Recently I tore up some pages from a dictionary (found in the trash, on the curb) and made a desktop wallpaper out of the results.

I noticed some funny words are in there. If you look at it up close, it might be funny...

I had to have a Blog Intervention with myself on that one and put the computer up, and make my husband hide the scanner, because I was thinking of putting food on it, like hotdogs and butter and cereal and cat food, and making desktop wallpapers out of it, knowing it would be fascinating, yet a problem for the scanner itself, which is still recuperating from all the remnants and debris from

ANYWAY, that's why I named the one here like that, for when my husband sees it, he'll be all, what are those torn pages from? And I'll be all, uh, sorry...